When Faith is Tested (Part 2)

By Sandy White

Genesis 39:2 tells us that God was with Joseph and he succeeded in everything he did. It was no surprise when his owner, Potiphar, was very pleased with Joseph and gave him complete control over everything he owned.

Joseph was honest, he obeyed God and would not sin against Him. We have to wonder where was God when Potiphar’s wife blamed Joseph of rape and Potiphar threw him in prison! According to Genesis 39:21, God was with Joseph and showed him faithful love. He was given the responsibility of the other prisoners for the full ten years that he was there.

Have you experienced something similar? When you respond to what you believe to be God’s leading, does things seem to go a different direction than what you thought or expected?

Do we fail to see the amazing goodness of God in those times of darkness, are we blinded by our circumstances?

Joseph’s story clearly shows us that when we live to please the Lord, we can know He is with us, even when things seem unclear.

While in prison Joseph gained the reputation of interpreting dreams. The chief butler experienced first hand Joseph’s gift and promised to tell Pharaoh, but he forgot. It wasn’t until two years later that the chief butler remembered. Was this a part of God’s perfect timing?

Most would become angry or bitter, but not Joseph. When Pharaoh summoned Joseph to come to him and interpret his dream, he did not hesitate to tell Pharaoh that it wasn’t him but God who would give him peace. Because of Joseph’s wisdom and discernment, Pharaoh gave him more power and control than any other, next Pharaoh himself.

God promised Jacob in Genesis 28:15, that He would protect him wherever he went and bring him back to Canaan. Jacob survived the famine because God used Joseph and when Jacob died, Joseph brought him back home as God had promised. God always keeps His promises.

I can certainly relate to this rollercoaster experience, moments when all seem wonderful and there is great peace, but then the surprising reality of the world hits. Maybe you also know times when you are left wondering where God is? The story of Joseph assures us of John 14:16 where God promised He would never leave His children.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 clearly tells us to give thanks in all circumstances, for it is God’s will.

Many of us may have difficulty in doing that. My solution is to not look at my circumstances but to keep my focus on the Lord. Always be in His word, remember His promises and talk to Him, knowing He is listening and wanting to give you His best. He knows the big picture and knows exactly what we need.

Sandy White has been part of the Grace Community of Faith for about a year.