1. What is Trunk or Treat is an excellent way to connect to our community! People are already going door to door on October 31st, so why not have them come to Grace? It introduces us to our neighbours and our neighbours to Grace Memorial. This event reminds families of bible stories as they receive treats decorated with bible verses with our awful (but funny) biblical puns. This opportunity is a safe alternative to Halloween's traditional trick or treating, and as a church family, it reaches out and teaches the love of Jesus. 

How does it work? Glad you asked! Three significant roles need to be filled for this event to be successful: 

1.  People to donate snacks for the event, such as individually packaged treats, like Granola bars, Goldfish Cheddar Cheese snacks, Mott’s Fruits snacks, juice boxes, nut-free candy, chocolates mini bars, water bottles, etc. 

2. People willing to donate their time can help before the event (2 PM) to decorate cars, help with signage, attach bible verse labels to the snacks, etc.

3. People decorating their trunks and dressing to match their vehicles/theme, to hand out candy. It would be fun to see our different Grace Groups represented to see how creative they can be. The more trunks, the better! 

Please register how many vehicles (so we can map out them out in the parking lot) and your theme on our website (gracememorial.ca) or call the office, 458-8527.

Examples & Ideas (of course, check out Google too):

Car Themes & Ideas
Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus- Candy Theme  3 Wise Men-Nativity /Christmas Theme (multi cars)
Jonah & the Big Fish  God Made the World in 7 days (multi cars)
Store Up Your Treasure in Heaven- Pirate Theme  Superhero Jesus
Noah’s Ark  God’s Workshop-Construction Theme
Moses & the Ten Commandments  Moses Parts the Sea
Fishers Of Men  Adam & Eve in the Garden
Jesus Feeds the Multitude-Bakery Theme  Daniel & the Lion’s Den
Jesus Is the Light of The World  Fall in Love with Jesus
Bee-Attitudes  Jesus is My Rock-Geological Theme
Fruits of the Spirit-Tropical Theme  Minions For Christ-Minion Theme
C is for Christ – Cookie Monster Theme  Daniel and Goliath
Shepherd and His Sheep  Jesus and the Empty Tomb
Jesus Washes our Sins Away-Laundry Theme  Joseph and the Multicolored Jacket
Jesus Loves You Smore than You Know-Camping Theme Crayola Crayons-Draw Near to God
Lego & Let Jesus  Rainbow-God’s Promises Theme