Current COVID Measures

New Brunswick’s Newest COVID Regulations Impact on Grace

New Brunswick implemented a new proof-of-vaccine protocol and to mandatory masking rules on September 22 and returned to a state of emergency as we experience the highest COVID active case counts since the beging of the pandemic. Worship services are included in the directive. As we seek to be compliant with current provincial regulations, the following plan which will be in place until further notice of changes.

Proof of Vaccination Plan

Sunday Worship: As people enter through the Welcome Center doors those age 12 and older will be asked to provide proof-of-vaccination. The government directive indicates: “Proof of vaccination may be provided by showing an immunization record or a photograph of an immunization record from a regional health authority clinic, pharmacy or Public Health. New Brunswickers can also show proof of vaccination by using the MyHealthNB portal. People who have been vaccinated outside the province may provide proof of vaccination from that jurisdiction.”

Groups & Events: Proof-of-vaccination of those 12 and older is required by law for those attending all indoor gathering and events, including youth and children’s programs, small group gatherings, team and board meetings, etc. The person organizing the group or event is responsible to ensure those present meet the requirements.

Mandatory Masking

Masks must be worn at all times while in the building and participating in a gathering or worship service. This includes all persons participating in children’s church, youth and children’s programs, small group studies and other various groups, team and board meetings, etc.  The only exception is for persons on the platform leading in a part of the worship service or momentarily to partake of communion elements.

Compassion & Prayer

New Brunswick has seen almost 900 cases of COVID in September alone, and news reports indicate there is healthcare system is feeling the strain. We recognize there are those struggling the impact of this pandemic on our lives and those of us who struggle with these new regulations for a variety of reasons. We am reminded of Paul’s instructions to “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12) Let me encourage us to all remember the many reasons we have for hope as followers of Christ, to be kind, patient and compassionate with others as we seek to navigate these circumstances with the love of Christ, and to continually uphold our province, our leaders and one another in prayer.